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Precision Guidance Systems

FJD AT1 Autosteering Kit

The FJD Autosteering kit for tractors is a high-accuracy GPS auto-guidance and steering system. The systems navigational steering accuracy can reach 2.5cm with GNSS and RTK technology. This allows the vehicle to drive at high consistency and within the intended working path maximising the efficiency of land use. Meanwhile, the auto-steer kit for the tractor comes equipped with an IMU (attitude sensor). This allows the agricultural machinery to maintain a high accuracy in special operating environments and varying landscapes, such as undulating terrain and slopes. Currently, the system is compatible with a range of tractors, harvesters and other agricultural machinery of multiple brands.

  • Functionality includes

    • Guidance line – supporting straight line, curve line and pivot mode
    • Field Management – allows the user to create and manage the information in the field, such as boundary, task type and guidance line info.
    • Area Metering – allows the user to calculate the area worked in automatic and manual operation.
    • Human intervention mode – two different modes are available to manually override the system.
    • Auto U-Turn – allows the user to automatically set out path planning to best suit the field and automatically finish off the headland area
    • GIS information import & export functions – allowing the user to import and share information from within the autosteering kit.
    • Terrain compensation – the IMU module provides the user with terrain compensation to ensure the tractor operational accuracy on sloped fields.
    • Implement Library – allows the user to pull up multiple implements and save the width and offset measurement information enabling quick parameter selection.


    • Easy installation in 30 minutes
    • Standard components include: Electrically operated steering wheel, LCD display screen with easy to navigate HMI, wheel angle & Altitude sensor and GNSS & 4G Antennas
    • High guidance and steering accuracy of +/- 2.5cm
    • Extensive compatibility with a range of with tractors, harvesters and other agricultural machinery of multiple brands.


    • It offers efficient and highly accurate solutions for farmers to achieve precision farming at less cost. In a world where material and supply costs are spiralling out of control this solution offers operation accuracy where really matters. 
    • Due to the high steering accuracy of the system the overlapping of processed land can be avoided, maximising the efficiency of the land use.
    • With FJ Dynamics Autosteering Kit, precision farming becomes more accessible to all farmers, enabling them to increase productivity whilst decrease costs. With a relatively low purchase cost the farmer can promptly achieve big improvements and return on their investment.