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Precision Guidance Systems

3D Excavator Guidance System - FJD G31

The FJ Dynamics 3D excavator guidance system (FJD G31) is an excavator grade control system with high construction accuracy. It uses a 3D reference model, displaying the real-time excavator and bucket position whilst displaying the real-time excavation and filling workload to complete the goal of digitally guiding excavation construction. The excavator guidance system uses RTK combined with GNSS technology to achieve an excavator grade control accuracy of +/- 3cm.

The system allows the operator to obtain the real time positioning of the bucket within centimetre level accuracy. During vehicle operation the control terminal will display the real-time status of the excavator bucket, guiding the operator to precise construction with an accuracy of +/-3cm.

Through the use of the simple and intuitive 3D model animation display (HMI), the operator can clearly see current construction status and precisely control the excavator. This automated process makes the task quick and simple and saves valuable time. Finally, the 3D Excavator Guidance System is compatible with multiple brands of excavators and supports different types of buckets (tilt buckets, universal buckets and tiltrotator buckets).

  • Functionality includes:

    • 3D Model Visual Guide –through the use of the real-time excavator 3D animation model displayed on the control terminal, the operator is guided to control the excavator, reducing the need for repeated measurements and avoiding reworks.
    • Task visualisation – the operator has the ability to visually observe the task process, slope, depth and construction reference point all through the control terminal image, ensuring a high-quality construction process.
    • Three task generation modes – users have access to slope and depth setting, CAD file import or customised user settings to suite requirements.
    • Remote control – there is no need for the operator to be in the excavator cab, as long as they are within the receiving range of the remote control they are able to control the vehicle.

    Main Benefits: 

    • The 3D guidance system is a great tool for excavator operators to free themselves from repetitive work and improve overall working efficiency. The FJ Dynamics 3D guidance system is designed to make excavating easier, safer and more productive.
    • The system helps simplify the repetitive steps of lofting, piling and measuring in traditional construction, therefore making construction easier and more efficient.
    • Due to the high positional accuracy of the excavator rework tasks caused by over-excavation are avoided whilst the need for staking and grade checkers are also minimised. 
    • The system also reduces the risk of personnel working in dangerous locations.