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Hydraulic Brakes

V32 Hydraulic Brakes

  • 2 piece aluminum construction
  • Flexible banjo and bleeder port options
  • Multiple piston material options
  • The V32 Hydraulic Brakes come as a two-part aluminium set with a choice of either bleeder or banjo ports depending on your needs. Similarly, this Hayes product also has many piston material choices that can be tailored to you and is only 1.28 pounds in weight.
  • Weight
    1.28 Lbs.
    Rotor Thickness
    .156" To .250"
    Lining Type
    Piston Diameter
    Max Pressure
    1500 Psi
    Fluid Type
    Brake Fluid
    Fluid Inlet
    2:00 10:00
    2:00 10:00
    Rotor Diameter
    5″ To 15″