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Hydraulic Brakes

Stinger - Single Piston 1.25"

  • Modular product family (Titan, Rampage, Stinger)
  • Same mount pattern for all calipers
  • The Stinger Hydraulic Brakes from Hayes is part of the Modular product group and is best suited in government, industrial and powersports industries and their markets. Its lining is free of asbestos and is organic and the system is fuelled by brake fluid with its inlet being in the centre.

  • Rotor Diameter
    6.5 - 22.25 In
    Rotor Thickness
    0.157 - 0.250 In
    Lining Type
    Sintered, Non-Asbestos Organic
    Usable Lining Thickness Per Pad
    0.151 In.
    Piston Diameter
    Single Piston 1.25"
    Max Pressure
    1450 Psi
    Fluid Type
    Brake Fluid
    3:00 9:00
    Fluid Inlet