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Hydraulic Brakes

Sovren Hydraulic Brake

  • Direct bracket torque take out
  • Industry-standard mount patterns fits multiple caliper sizes for vehicle commonality
  • Automotive pin seals to keep out dust and debris
  • Forged aluminum caliper housing
  • Double-acting pad springs
  • Bi-directional caliper allows for simplification of vehicle BOM, lower caliper PN inventory
  • Multiple piston and friction material options
  • Hayes' Sovren Hydraulic Brakes best suit construction, turf care, UTV and speciality markets. These brakes have an express bracket force stop, and their mount patterns match current market criteria. Its top pressure is 1813 PSI and each side can have 2 pistons.
  • Max Caliper Pressure
    1813 PSI, 125 BAR
    Piston Diameter
    1.125 IN - 1.375 IN, 28MM - 35 MM
    Number of Pistons Pers ide
    Min MU
    Max MU
    Min Rotor Diameter
    8 IN, 203 MM
    Max Rotor Diameter
    11.5 IN, 292 MM
    Caliper Offset
    0.935 IN, 23.75 MM