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Hydraulic & Mechanical Brakes

Rhino 1.0″

  • Capable of 1,177 lbs. of service clamp force and 2,000 lbs. of mechanical clamp force
  • Compact size ideal for mounting inside the wheel
  • One piece cast aluminum housing
  • Square seal piston retraction for constant running clearance
  • Removable pad pin design for mounting ease
  • Integral park brake manually adjusts for pad wear
  • Quick change pads with long life friction material
  • Integral cable reaction bracket
  • Hayes' Rhino Hydraulic & Mechanical Brakes is suited to the powersports market with it being able to clamp up to 1,177 lbs of service torque and 2,000 lbs of mechanical torque. It's got an aluminium house and its pad pin is easily removed, allowing it to be placed easily.
  • Weight
    2.75 Lbs.
    Rotor Thickness
    .156" To .250"
    Lining Type
    Semi-Metallic, Sintered, Non-Asbestos Organic
    Piston Diameter
    Max Pressure
    1500 Psi
    Fluid Type
    Brake Fluid
    Fluid Inlet
    0 12:00 3:00 9:00
    0 12:00 3:00 9:00