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Hydraulic Brakes

Reflex 32

  • 2 piece aluminum construction
  • Motorcycle industry standard (100mm x 30mm) caliper mount
  • Multiple piston material options
  • The Reflex 32 Hydraulic Brakes are of industry-standard calliper positioning and only weigh 2.36 pounds. This Hayes product is comprised of 2 pieces of aluminium and it has a range of pistol material choices that can be suited to your needs.
  • Weight
    2.36 Lbs.
    Lining Type
    Total Lining Area
    3.28 Sq. In.
    Usable Lining Thickness Per Pad
    0.170 In.
    Piston Diameter
    Twin Opposed 1.25"
    Fluid Type
    Brake Fluid
    Fluid Inlet
    3:00 9:00
    Rotor Diameter
    6″ – 14″