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Crown Gear - Three Way Right Angle Gearbox

  • Double sealed bearings that hold lubrication in and keep dirt out.
  • Precision hardened and ground ball bearings for smooth, quiet, long operating life.
  • Non-magnetic stainless-steel shafts that are corrosion resistant and require minimal maintenance.
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy housing for maximum strength and heat dissipation. Nickel-Plated housing for corrosion resistance standard in IP65-Rated models.  
  • Pre-lubricated and maintenance-free operation.  Food-Grade grease standard in IP65-Rated models.
  • Several standard types and sizes, plus unique shaft options.
  • Provides multiple mounting positions, which simplifies design considerations.
  • Processing, manufacturing, and machine drive systems require reliability and high performance. Providing this level of performance in a right-angle gearbox requires high precision gears as well as quality materials and construction.