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Master Cylinders

Cobra Master Cylinder

  • Flange mount to firewall design
  • Multiple pushrod lengths available
  • Translucent reservoir with visible level indication
  • Remote reservoir setup available
  • Threaded vented gasket style cap
  • Available with banjo fitting torque stop
  • The Cobra Master Cylinder is 1.3 pounds and is perfect for government, industrial and powersports markets. This Hayes product is designed to flange mount to a firewall and has a range of pushrod dimensions depending on your needs. Its reservoir can also be set up remotely if needed.
  • Weight
    1.3 Lbs.
    Piston Diameter
    5/8" 11/16" 3/4"
    Brake Light Switch Available
    Brake Fluid
    Brake Fluid
    Lever Ratio
    Vehicle Specific (Max ~6:1)