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Mechanical Brakes

210M & 220M Mechanical Brakes

  • Capable of 300 Lbs. of clamp force
  • Lightweight two piece die cast housing
  • Available with floating mount bracket, or can be fix mounted
  • Cable or push rod actuation
  • Available with either non asbestos organic or sintered metallic pads
  • Both CW and CCW lever actuation
  • Compact and light duty and light weight mechanical brake

  • Weight
    1.1 Lbs.
    Rotor Diameter
    4 In. And Up
    Rotor Thickness
    .120 To .195
    Lining Type
    Non-Asbestos Organic
    Total Lining Area
    1.68 Sq. In.
    Usable Lining Thickness Per Pad
    125 In.