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Hydraulic Brakes

2-660-1S Hydraulic Brake

  • Capable of 10,000 Lbs. of clamp force
  • Ideal for mount on driveline or in the wheel
  • One piece nodular iron housing
  • Square seal piston retraction for constant running clearance
  • Variety of inlet and bleeder options for mounting flexibility
  • Quick change pads with 24 sq. in. of pad area
  • The 2-660-1S Hydraulic Brake is for industrial, speciality and government industries. It has up to 10,000 pounds of clamp torque and only weighs 39 pounds. Its rotor is 12 to 20 inches wide, and it's 0.5 to 1 inches thick.
  • Weight
    39 Lbs.
    Rotor Diameter
    12 To 20 In.
    Rotor Thickness
    .500 To 1.0
    Lining Type
    Sintered; Non-Asbestos Organic
    Total Lining Area
    24 Sq. In.
    Usable Lining Thickness Per Pad
    .5 In.
    Piston Diameter
    2.6 In.
    Max Pressure
    1800 Psi
    Fluid Displacement
    40 Cu. In.
    Fluid Type
    Brake Fluid; Hydraulic Oil
    Fluid Inlet
    12:00 3:00 9:00
    12:00 3:00 9:00