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Hydraulic Brakes

1-41-1S - Hydraulic Brake

  • Capable of 3100 lbs. of clamp force
  • Lightweight cast aluminum housing
  • Square seal piston retraction for constant running clearance
  • Three bleeder and inlet options for mount flexibility
  • Available for either hydraulic or brake fluid application
  • Various brackets available
  • Hayes' 1-41-1S Hydraulic Brakes have a clamping torque of 3100 pounds whilst being housed in aluminium. Its piston has a square seal, so when it retracts it can continually run. It has a variety of bleeder and inlet choices so it can be mounted as needed.
  • Weight
    4 Lbs.
    Rotor Thickness
    .100 To .375 In.
    Lining Type
    Non-Asbestos Organic; Sintered; Semi-Metallic
    Total Lining Area
    7.30 Sq. In.
    Usable Lining Thickness Per Pad
    .175 In.
    Piston Diameter
    1.622 In.
    Max Pressure
    1500 Psi
    Fluid Displacement
    .081 Cu.In.
    Fluid Type
    Brake Fluid; Hydraulic Oil
    Fluid Inlet
    12:00; 3:00; 9:00
    12:00; 3:00; 9:00